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As we move into an era where generalisation is a thing of the past and Specialisation is the watch word for Companies to survive in this ‘ SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST’ game, more and more organisations are outsourcing their non-strategic areas of operation to offload the cost factor. Today many an organisation is outsourcing their Payroll processing to payroll vendors because of the nuisance value that it brings along with it- starting with processing the salaries of the all the employees,keeping a tab of all the New Joinees, attriting employees, Loss of pay employees, keeping a track of the incentive that person has earned for that month and processing it with this months salary; liasoning and co-ordinating with the various Government agencies for the various Statutory and Non- Statutory reports, forms and receipts; co-ordinating the various levels of Reimbursements that an Organisation would have and ensuring that only the allocated amount reaches the employee…so on and so forth. This is one helluva task and requires patience of herculean proportions to manage the same and come out unscathed.

Having being associated with my organisation ( TALENT MAXIMUS INDIA PVT LTD) for close to 6 months now, I am proud to say what a Game changer we are not only terms in being able to offload the Organisation of its non-core area of Operation but also the organisation being able to deploy that available manpower in more critical operations. We are a One stop shop for all payroll processing requirements – salary processing, tax processing, Reimbursement processing, Compliance processing including claims co-ordination.We have many prestigious clients on board with us and the number will only increase as we provide an Integrated solution to payroll processing leveraging on Technology coupled with our ability to be one of the low cost players in the market.

As more and more organisation outsource their non-strategic operations, Payroll processing will be Numero Uno on their agenda and sooner they do so the more economically viable it is for them. It is a great time for all the payroll processing companies…. LET ME NOW GO AND FIND MY NEXT CLIENT LEST MY COMPETITION GETS HIM.  


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